Apple wins, others lose

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The network is “on fire” with the subject of Apple victory over Samsung, and link, Google. The history and leftovers should know because there is no way in the world that has not echoed the matter. In addition, analysts have tried to put on the table the future implications of this issue, basically arguing that Apple’s victory is not just a defeat of Samsung and Google, but the defeat affects operators and users.

And the truth is that Steve Jobs already made clear before leaving us, would go “thermonuclear” against Android considering it was a blatant copy of iOS. Again when Jobs made it clear that he intended something, he succeeded to have a tenacity and stubbornness possibly out of this world.

But if we considered him a genius Jobs innovative, it was not to be an inventor, but reposition existing parts differently. Your Android action in defense of that genius actually undermines possibly defended throughout his life.

In today’s world we must begin to demystify innovation, because the creative process is the ability to invent the unthinkable, because man can not invent anything that is not based on something you have seen, heard, heard or tasted. Everything we create is based on something they created others. Every innovation is mounted on top of innovation of others, and that is how we got to this state of industrial and technological advances.

The defense of intellectual property not created to defend multimillion dollar companies, but to encourage everyone could move pieces otherwise, as the law should seek the general benefit and not the individual, but the individual defends intellectual property because that protection Individual produces higher profits overall.

In short, something is wrong with the system, when a victory for personal protection, not create a greater good for the rest, according to many analysts conclude. Of course we always think that this ruling will force Samsung and Google to really be innovative and not imitators, as they are accused and sentence in this case.

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