Apple will stop selling Mac Pro in Europe from March 1

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As of March 1 Apple will stop selling its family of computers Mac Pro in Europe . The reason is none other than a new regulation which will come into force on the same date and that leaves out the desktop market to Apple.

Specifically, the amendment is one of the IEC 60950-1 standard , which modifies certain parameters about the safety of certain electronic devices.

Apple has informed its dealers, which may continue to sell the products they have stored from date. The company, says she is still taking orders until February 18 to make a large shipment before 1 March.

For many it is not so shocking news since desktops have minimized their sales for laptops.

Mac Pro is the only Apple product family affected by the new policy. It is not surprising when you consider that is not updated for over two years. While in 2011 there were rumors of an update, at the end there was no announcement.

Since Apple has not provided information about when there will be a renewal of the Mac Pro family, although several sites,  suggest that at the end of this year the Cupertino company will upgrade its desktops.

Last week Apple had results, and in them was shown that the company also has affected PC sales drop. Despite continued success with its iPad and iPhone, Macs sales fell. During the fourth quarter, the company sold 4.1 million Macs, 22% less than the same quarter of 2011.

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