Apple wants to patent a system to avoid blurry pictures

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Apple wants to register a new system that prevents pictures taken with their devices blurry or moved . This system would perform multiple snapshots when the user pressed the button to take the picture and then choose the best one.

Apple Patent

The Cupertino company has applied to the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. (USPTO) this patent, which has registered since October 2012, but has not yet been approved . Apple has called this system “imaging device continuous”.

This patent fix one of the problems that exist in all smartphones. This is the delay between the user presses the button and moving the photo.This delay, especially if we make pictures to moving objects, can be translated into fuzzy or blurred photos that we can use.

The function of this system is that by keeping your finger on the camera button would be made ​​a series of shots in succession until the withdrawal of the ded or. All these pictures would be stored in the buffer and using the device parameters choose the best shot.

The choice of the image may be guided by one or several parameters . These parameters can be based on the exposure time of the image, or an image quality parameter, such as the contrast, or color resolution.

Of course it is unclear whether Apple will introduce this technology in its upcoming devices. The patent application lists Ralph Brunner, Nikhil Bhogal and James David Batson as their inventors, but by 2009 the company had been researching how to avoid blurry images or moved through LED flash pulses.

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