Apple wants to ban four other Samsung phones

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The U.S. company Apple puts on after his success in patent dispute with Samsung: The company wants to four devices, including the smartphone Galaxy S III to prohibit.

Apple takes other products to its South Korean rival Samsung targeted.The U.S. technology group struggled on Friday in federal court in California to a new trial because, in its opinion on four additional Samsung devices,including the Galaxy S III smartphone available, patent infringements.Samsung was reacting to the process at first.

A week ago, a court had in San Jose, the violation of Apple’s patents and found the Americans awarded damages in the amount of about one billion dollars. On Friday, a Japanese court rejected again from a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the iPhone Galaxy producers. The competent judge rejected the argument of Tokyo from Apple to be incorrect, Samsung did with its products infringe an Apple patent for data synchronization on mobile devices and computers.

In their fight for dominance in the growing market for mobile devices, Apple and Samsung have covered the world with patent lawsuits. The Americans accuse the South Koreans to have mainly copied the blockbuster iPhone. The Asians countered with accusations that Apple illegally use Samsung technology.

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