Apple vs Google, “the final battle”

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The final battle”. This is how Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, the competition between his company and Apple. In an interview with Digital AllThings, Schmidt points out that he has never seen a war between two companies as currently in the mobile phone industry. “This is good for the consumer, it has seen a drastic drop in prices.”

Schmidt added that, for now, Android devices, Google’s free operating system-are four times more numerous than those with Apple iOS, and that in a year there will be over one billion worldwide.

Schmidt and Steve Jobs kept a good friendship, primarily as the common enemy was Microsoft. This friendship soured when Jobs saw that his friend was preparing a mobile operating system that would rival his. In the biography of his life, Jobs calls for end Android as it’s seen as the biggest threat to Apple.

Asked by patent litigation, Schmidt believes that the struggles of patents “are dead” and that hurt small businesses. “Big as Google, Apple orSamsung can afford. patents In your opinion are slowing innovation. “We in the telephone sector 200,000 patents.”

Schmidt on the horizon only four technology platforms: Google, Apple ,Amazon and Facebook, which means that despiseth Microsoft, despite ongoing efforts to regain lost ground by removing Windows 8 for mobile devices.

Besides termed “error” of Apple removing Google maps of your appliances, Schmidt does not think his company back to being a leader in China. “Baidu will remain the number one in China for a long time, “said Schmidt . He said he did not expect any repair ties with the Chinese government, which cut off access to Google web services. “China the power to arbitrarily restrict our access to its citizens,” said Schmidt.

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