Apple tries to disable the hack in-app purchases, but it still works

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After learning of the failure that allows users to purchase items within the applications for iOS without paying the Apple immediately began their race to fix the bug. But despite these efforts, the company has not found a way to prevent users hackeiem purchases in-app .

Hacker discovers how to circumvent in-app purchases in iOS 

It all started when the Russian hacker Alexey Borodin created a site called In-Appstore  to facilitate the purchase of items in-app without the user having to pay anything for him, through a flaw discovered by the boy himself. Apple came to crash the server where the page was staying in order to limit the use of the bug by more people, but Alexey was faster and passed the site on multiple servers by Russia, which has a tradition of barriers to entry for foreign companies to their servers .

Apple should strive to get the bug air not only to get rid of problems, but also because the failure involves many third party applications that fail to profit from the sale of virtual items and currencies within their apps. “The safety of our service is incredibly important to us and for our developers. All fraudulent activity reports are taken seriously by the company and we are investigating the case, “Harrison told Natallie, apple company representative.

The digital payment service  PayPal has also entered the fray and blocked the account hacker prohibiting him from receiving donations for violating the terms of service.

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