Apple technology patent records 5D

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The Apple reported  for a patent for a new “technology 5D.” The main idea of the project is to create a human way to connect to computers using sensors, touch screens and virtual reality gloves. With a product developed with this tool, you could make great advances in interactive gaming, video conferencing and the very use of computers.

According to the written documentation of the patent, Apple believes that this technology can replace the use of keyboards in the future. The American site Engadget, explained that this patent is the “continuation” of another dated 1995 designed by Canadian inventor Timothy Pryor.The technology works could happen in two ways: with control by touchscreen or by gestures.



Described only as “method to ensure the human input into a computer,” the patent does not apply only to screens and could be used in case the user need not even touch a particular type of display. The first time the possibility of controlling iDevices gesture was established in 2011, another patent Timothy Pryor. The registered on Tuesday is a little different.

It creates a range of possibilities, such as 5D capacity, ability to detect dynamic events on larger areas and in HD, regardless of touch sensory recognition, and detection of multiple movements. The site Patently Apple has created a detailed explanation of all the improvements that a putative product with this technology could bring to life current electronic.

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