Apple suing Samsung for patent violation of 8

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Samsung hit back in patent war against Apple , confirming that he will file a lawsuit for patent infringement .The development and control of patents has become a key variable to entrench the dominance of  technology companies.

After Apple’s legal victory against Samsung for patent law, now what strikes back against the Cupertino Koreans. Samsung has officially announced it would file a lawsuit  against Apple, for misuse of 8 patents in its device iPhone 8. Reports on its websiteBloomberg .

With this action seek to endorse Samsung injured honor the verdict of the courts in the U.S.. Demand for Samsung is based on a thorough investigation of the parts and processes of the iPhone 5, which found that the device violates 8 patents Samsung company.

Samsung Company spokespersons have made clear that they never intended to compete against Apple in court, but in commercial markets. However, the constant legal harassment by Apple, has forced them to take harsh legal maneuvers against all devices created by Apple, in particular his last delivery: the iPhone 5.

According to the research results of Samsung, the iPhone 5 violated eight of its patents, two related to standards and other functions in the area.

Demand for Samsung will be reviewed in the courts of California, and his trial was held on April 18, 2013.

Today, the realm of cell phone companies not only defined by its technological, but the audacity and tusk of his legal team.

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