APPLE sues Samsung Antitrust Commission To South Korea

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The American manufacturer Apple has sued South Korean rival Samsung Electronics to the authorities of South Korea antitrust alleged abuse of its dominant position in the market, reported the agencyYonhap .

Apple has filed a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC acronym) South Korean antitrust agency, which claims that Samsung is abusing its position in China in the field of telecommunications technology (3G ), detailed Yonhap, without identifying its source, Efe reported.

This move comes amid the legal war that both competitors remain in a dozen countries, which have been filed in court cross which accuse each other of violating its patents in the lucrative market of ‘smartphones’.

It is expected that the FTC examine Apple’s complaint through the comparison of the market share of both firms and the influence of its 3G technology, and also take into account the explanations of the demand for Samsung rival.

A spokesman for the South Korean technology giant simply noted that Samsung has been informed of the movement of Apple, who has not made official comments. The protest against the South Korean antitrust agency is part of the movement to sue Apple Samsung, world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, for abuse of dominant market position in relation to wireless patents.

In January, the European Commission said it had launched a formal investigation to determine whether the South Korean group had used its wireless patents as a tool to stifle competition.

On August 24, Samsung suffered its most serious setback to date in the legal battle with Apple to consider a court in San Jose (California, USA) that had violated six patents of design and technology Cupertino group, so it was sentenced to a fine of 1,000 million dollars (about 795 million euros).

In addition, the next December valued U.S. justice by Apple’s request to ban in that country several phone s Samsung infringing its patents, including the recent Galaxy III model.

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