Apple sued over iPhone headphones

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Apple looks for its iPhone headphones another patent lawsuit exposed as GigaOm reports. They violate the application, according to U.S. Patent 7,373,182 , entitled “Wireless mobile phone with headphones,” which describes a set of headphones, the “spend at least telephony audio signals of the phone and can transmit this audio signals”.

Patentee’s Intelligent Smart Phones Concepts (ISPC) – apparently a shell company. The Internet to find her on the trial of any information beyond Apple. A request to the court documents referred to in the attorney Sepehr Daghighian brought no response.

ISPC calls three million dollars are lost on him by the allegedly unauthorized use. Furthermore, the court should prohibit further Apple patent infringements.

The patent in question was in 2008, the company Varia Mobile optain from Seattle, which recently also managed by patent lawsuits in the news: They sued Research In Motion and Samsung due to contained on their devices menus that give quick access to emoticons.

This year, according to a study of patent litigation in 2011 cost U.S. companies $ 29 billion in total.Particularly affected are the pharmaceutical and software industries. Even patent judges and finally the outgoing head of the U.S. Patent Office, David Kappos hold the U.S. patent system in need of reform.

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