Apple stopped changing passwords over phone calls

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After the hack journalist who suffered Wired, Mat Honan , Apple decided to discontinue the option to reset the password via a phone call. Over the weekend, hackers got four numbers of credit card Honan through Amazon , which is then used to pose as a reporter calling Apple customer service, and managed to access your account that icloud. He then used Find My iPhone and Find My Mac to remotely format all Apple devices journalist.


The case exposed this method of hacking a job requiring social engineering by calling support services to cheat call center workers and access to accounts. According to Sources, Apple discontinued the option to change passwords using the phone for at least 24 hours, while determining changes to security policies for this process.

Amazon also changed its policy and stopped accepting changes to accounts through telephone calls.

In the case of Latin America, was never possible to make phone calls to this type of customer service, so that really does not affect us. However, it is noteworthy that the “weakness” of the system here seems to be the people who turned out to be easily engañables by the caller on the phone. Is it really safer to have everything automated online?

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