Apple sold 25 million iPads in Christmas

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With the release of the iPad Mini, Apple gave a new blow on the table face to regain the Christmas market, but many wondered if they do not come back around the variable competition and excellent Google Nexus (and prices). It seems that Cupertino will not only continue with the usual pace of sales to date, but it is expected to raze placing on the market of 25 million tablets in the fourth quarter.

Recap, about a month ago Tim Cook took the stage as Apple’s CEO to present new face of the company in late 2012, and could not come more loaded: new iPad retina, remodeling Mac Mini, MacBook Pro launch 13 “retina, the reinvention of the iMac and expected, of course, the appearance of the new jewel of the house, the iPad Mini .

Since then all bulbs toddler focused on Apple (remember Steve Jobs in the past had always spoken against shrink the flagship tablet in the world) and trying to figure out if this would be a risky move as sales of land to Mini could eat you own iPad retina.

Complement or Competition

True, the limited stock of the Mini has not been allowed to see the potential of this curious “iPad killer”, but the fact is that the first data point to eclipse its sales by 20% to those of his older brother, but not enough to talk of cannibalism, and which together account for far more sales than the iPad retina before the 7.9 inches tablet saw the light.

Thus, market analysis specialists estimated sales of iPads in the fourth quarter of 2012 that would total 24-26 million as a whole, assuming the younger brother of about 7 million units, a number that surely will react to Google , rumored as the possible launch of a Nexus 7 “light” for just over 50 euros . 

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