Apple seeks patent for a wireless system for charging electronic devices

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  • Current wireless systems are not really totally wireless, since the induction cooktop must be unplugged.
  • To change that, Apple use a magnetic resonance field become the source of energy to release the load nearby devices.
  • The load area would be about one square meter.
Apple has found a new way to charge your devices,  freeing users from the tangle of wires that can form around the plugs that surround their homes. Apparently, the apple has applied for a patent for this new idea that will make all your customers forget the tough task of plugging your devices current for charging.

Currently, almost all wireless charging using inductive load .This form is based on the use of an electromagnetic field energy transfer between two objects. This energy is sent to a device that uses electricity to charge batteries.

The patent application from Apple was published last Thursday, however, despite being inductive and not to attach any cables to the device, not considered a burden ends of wireless because that is the induction cooktop that plugsinto current. The Nokia Lumia 920 incorporates this battery recharge system.

For its part, Apple after the launch of the iPhone 5 , which is expected with a wireless charging system, said he had not chosen this system because they still charge wireless systemsneed to be connected to the network , so the company wondered how far this technology is an advantage. But the Apple team is working to reach laverdadera wireless charging.

The patent application from Apple was published on Thursdayby the name of “wireless power utilization in a local computing environment”. Apparently, the Cupertino would have a different approach in this field by using a field of magnetic resonance (NFMR) become the energy source to the load release devices that have a NFMR nearby inside.

Would be created virtual cargo area with a range of about one meter and where the iMac or Apple Cinema Display that could accommodate NFMR power. IOS devices and accessories, keyboard, mouse, trackpad – would constantly loaded, what help they could get rid of your batteries, contributing to improved environmental responsibility policies.

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