Apple reveals why Android is more popular than iOS

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Anyone who believes that Apple does not care about the fact that Android is increasing itsmarketshare (market share) in the business of smartphones. Maybe that’s why the Cupertino company has made a research to know the main reasons for people to choose the robot instead of green iOS . The reasons are numerous, and include brand preference and even Google opnion that Google play is better than the App Store.

Apple wants to know why people exchange the iPhone for Android 

During the legal fight between Apple and Samsung in the United States was revealed a document with data from a survey by the American company to reveal the reasons that make someone buy an Android. According to the study, 25% of people who buy an Android came to consider purchasing the iPhone, but ended up changing my mind. It was in public, the United States, the team responsible for the report focused its attention.

Within this universe, 48% were with Android because they wanted to remain in their original telephone operators. After all, Apple had an agreement that linked the sale of the iPhone to AT & T in the U.S.. Another 36% said the Google brand as a differentiator, 30% highlighted the larger screens, 27% prefer the Android Market (Google Play today) to the App Store, 26% wanted integration with Google services and 25% opted for what they believed to have more quality.

Chart detailing options for users of Android (Photo: Chart detailing options for Android users)
Chart details the options for users of Android 

Shortly thereafter, Apple solved the problem with the operators: closed the contract with AT & T.Furthermore, increased even more options in the App Store and will launch a new iPhone with larger display, which promises to be the great high-end market. In the U.S., its marketshare has increased again

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