Apple responds to SMS security issue with a recommendation for iMessage

Refers to the basic problems of the SMS protocol – No information about security update

For some discussions currently recently become known problem means dealing iOS with SMS: How a French security researcher has discovered , can have SMS (about manually setting a return address in the header) to manipulate so that when messages on the iPhone to any phone number appears as the sender. Attackers could use it for phishing attacks by pretending to be a trustworthy person, so the fear.


Now, reports Apple to speak for themselves , but at least for now only offer one piece of advice of a general nature and is summarized briefly: With iMessage would not have happened. The problem is described that is a direct consequence of a fundamental deficit in the SMS protocol. In its own news service of such a forgery is not possible, however, the iPhone maker.


In this respect we advise our own clients in the use of SMS to be extra careful, especially when linked in news on unknown websites. Completely open to letting other hand, when and if a software-based solution to the problem will be available.


The discovery of the problem was in his blog entry also criticizes the concrete implementation of IOSIn a “good” implementation would be displayed in such a case, the two telephone numbers, the “real” and the “fake” – which fly up phishing attacks would

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