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Apple will claim to Samsung 2.525 million dollars (2,090 million) in the trial that opens Monday at San Jose (California). In calculating this figure is what has been gaining more what your company Samsung has gained since she started competing “illegally copying Apple products,” the allegation of filing of the complaint. Samsung answers “and you more”, thanks to technology, Apple has been able to get “exorbitant profits”.

Apple says that thanks to the illegal use of its patents, Samsung has become a world leader in 

mobile telephony, “attracting billions in profits”, while it cost Apple to reduce 500 million profit. In total, the signing of the iPad sum for damages caused by Samsung at 2.525 million and warns that perform ongoing litigation to stop future violations.

Thirteen minutes later it was the turn of Samsung, which has accused the Cupertino company trying to cut competition and limit the choice of consumers to keep their benefits “historically exorbitant.”

The Korean company added that, in fact, who should pay for Apple’s use of patented technology by Samsung, “without which it had become a successful participant in the telecommunications industry.”

Samsung accuses Apple of benefits “historically exorbitant” because it prevents competition

To all these, the meeting between the heads of each company was a failure.The judge order

ed them to be locked in a room and come to an agreement before July 30 not to get to trial. And they did last week Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, and Choi Gee-sung, vice president of Samsung. They complied with the order, but each went to his guns on the valuation of patents.

 And the courts are ruling in favor of one or the other, and law firms making gold. According to a report from Ars Technica, when lawyer leaves Apple for $ 526 while Samsung goes up to 592, apart the hours of specialized firms, in some cases approach the $ 900 per hour. 

Tuesday a court in Dusseldorf rejected Apple’s request to ban the sale of the tablet Samsung 10.1 inch, renamed as N, but otherwise maintained its ban on the tablet of 7 inches across the European Union , a size very similar to what Apple will bring in a few months.

The court fight, from one end to another of the planet, not just about patents, as some courts Apple has also called for allegedly copying the design of tablets or even the product packaging. Legal disputes have not prevented Samsung earlier this year become the first mobile manufacturer in the world, overtaking Nokia after 14 years, or Apple to be number one of the tablets for more than 70% market share.

The fight between these two giants began to tire even the judges themselves. This applies to the Australian judge Annabelle Bennett, another dispute them in their country, could not help but blurt out the parties’ lawyers: “This is ridiculous. Why is this litigation on? If the dispute among other companies outside mediation would be ordered immediately. “

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