Apple removed an application similar to Google Maps from the App Store

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Yesterday came the news that all users who have upgraded their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to iOS 6and could retrieve maps Google , something expected as the new mapping service Apple is under criticism for its malfunction. Not that Apple has returned to incorporate Google Maps, or that an application has been officially launched. It was all thanks to Katsumi Kishikawa developer that released a free application called ClassicMap.

This tool does not include information for navigation, but draws on other services. When we first open itshows the same information under the existing Apple Maps, but when you open the dropdown and select the option “Classic” mode is activated it is virtually the same as Google Maps. Operation is also similar but has not many functions and lacks Street View or landmarks to name a few. The option to see the map with the Google service is a bit hidden and the name “Classic” does not say much, perhaps this is the reason that Apple has them cast this application.

ClassicMap retired 02

Less than 24 hours, that is what has lasted ClassicMap on the App Store . Those of Cupertino have rushed in removing this application that offered access to Google Maps indirectly. Users are given the time to download may continue using indefinitely, even if logically deleted can not reinstall because there on the App Store. It is curious maneuver approve and hours later reject an application and not the first time this has happened, and there have been similar cases with tools that allow mobile connection sharing with other devices (tethering). This shows that its control over the content Apple entering the App Store is not as strict as we want to sell, it is true that at first glance does not seem a Google Maps application by looking a bit soon though noticeable, but They have been passed.

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The new maps iOS 6 are receiving harsh criticism because they are light years away from offering such complete information as was Google Maps. Good thing you have a function to receive voice prompts to follow a path and 3D mode with a very realistic effect. But the basics that we ask a service such as searching for addresses, not giving good results. Many users have had problems when placing streets or places of interest on the map, to the point that sometimes leads us from miles away. HimselfTim Cook, Apple’s CEO, issued a statement apologizing and ensuring they are working to improve the new Maps application, even encouraged to use the web version of other competitive maps like Google or Nokia. Although the company itself has acknowledged the failure of the new maps seem determined to use force . They may have removed ClassicMap because it is not an official app, Google may soon launch its own application , everything will be.

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