Apple releases minor updates to improve mapping application

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Apple is working to improve its mapping application. The company has been creating small updates to go slowly improving its application and to solve the problems facing and recovering from a bad reputation.

According to the resources , after the problems that has given Apple’s application and popularity unreliability and refusal with which account, the company has started to launch small updates to improve it.
Apple Mapping

Apple Mapping

It has been improving on all key areas such as China or JapanIn the former, the Cupertino company has updated and introduced new roads and landmarks. It has also introduced a new source of Chinese characters to make reading on the touch screen easier and also assigned a new color scheme that matches the vector maps.

In Japan, as in other countries, they have added more 3D views of buildings , including the Imperial Palace of Japan and the Tokyo Tower. Other cities that have had improvements in terms of the 3D building view, are Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Rome, Dublin, Manchester, Milan, among others.

Also included in the map of Japan, notifications of new highways and an improvement in the pronunciation of the names of the streets or roads. The new update has new categories and tags in fire stations, hospitals, post offices and subway stations.These developments can be seen in the new application update that has been released this week in Japan.

They have also added support for several high passes as Baltimore, MD, Providence RH, Cleveland OH, and expanded coverage of other cities overpasses. Other updates include the Apple store locations, new cinemas, restaurants, airports and metro stations as both bus.

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