Apple releases a patch to fix a hole in the iPhone and iPad

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Apple has released a new update for its operating system iOS . The apple company has released a patch that fixes a hole that would allow cyber criminals avoid blocking the terminal without having to know the password or PIN number. This is a minor update that fixes a problem discovered more than a month ago. In addition, Apple has also made ​​several improvements in its native application of maps and other vulnerabilities Fixed minor nature. We tell you all the new features this system update.



The apple company has released the new version of its iOS 6.1.3. This system is using its flagship products iPhone and iPad , and the release of iOS 6 has raised considerable controversy. For one, the update caused many users have battery problems both iPhone and in the iPad . This issue has taken several months to get sorted, in fact persisted until the release of the previous version iOS 6.1.2 . On the other hand, led to the company’s decision to temporarily banish Google Maps to establish its own map application.

Maps of Apple showed from the start that they were still in a very early stage of development point, which resulted in many errors and inaccuracies. The CEO of the company had to step into the arena for having launched a low-quality product. The new version of iOS 6.1.3 fixes numerous bugs in this app within the maps in the Japan . Regarding security issues, the most important development of this update is a patch that fixes a vulnerability found last month that allows a user to unlock the device without entering the password set.

To exploit this hole, the attacker has to perform various actions as explained in The Next Web . First, press the power button several seconds terminal. Then cancel the alert to switch the handset and immediately dial an emergency number. The user must hang up before response occurs and tighten the terminal off button for several seconds. Again, the shutdown is canceled mobile or tablet (if it is the 3G version of the iPad) and pressed the button to make the emergency call.

If you follow the steps in the terminal should magically appear in the home screen. addition to this serious vulnerability in this version of iOS corrects a number of minor problems of this system, although so far there have been no data concrete on these holes. To download this new version you have to go to the menu“Settings” from the computer, then go to the menu “General” and “Software Update.” device will automatically detect and download this update software version.

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