Apple released bugfix update for MacBooks 2012

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Apple has released another software update for the latest generation of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It is optimized according to the description the graphics performance and improves overall stability and compatibility with some USB devices.


What issues are solved exactly, not with Apple shares.Users had the Apple forum last but by flickering screens reported when returning from sleep mode.When using an external display that looked washed out colors or contrast . It also come with the use of some applications and system functions such as Launchpad strange graphics errors .

Apple recommends the 127.07 MByte ” MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Update 2.0 “for all in June presented MacBook models. It is distributed via the Software Update feature of the operating system, can be alternatively also manually from Apple’s support site to download. Minimum requirement is Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion.

As before each installation, users should make sure call for a system backup, to have a way to recover if the update causes problems.

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