Apple registers illuminated touchpad patent

The Apple patented a type of touchpad – touch-sensitive area of laptops and notebooks – with its own light. From what the document says the project registration, you can imagine the applications of technology in company products, such as the MacBook, and even the creation of an independent unit – similar to Magic Trackpad – which could be combined with other devices of the company.

Descriptive text in the project, Apple refers to it as a “touchpad with feedback.” That is, the patent application defines the backlit touchpad as a new form of interaction between user commands and system responses: when you move your finger across the surface in a certain way, the touchpad lights accordingly. If it zooms or scrolls the screen, the light changes.

In addition to responding to user commands, the light can be thrown again before a touch.The registration document of the patent explains that this method would serve as a way to indicate to the user the need for any command.

In general, you can see that the hardware manufacturers are increasingly developing systems to respond to user commands that generate physical stimuli. An example is the small vibration of the phone when you interact with any button on the screen. In this case, Apple’s approach seeks to take this type of stimulus for other types of devices, and using light.

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