Apple reduces the production of iPhone 5C by poor sales

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The Wall Street Journal, original news source has confirmed that this is mere speculation.Though the launch of the new iPhone 5S has broken records , selling nine million units in its first weekend, the “brother small “of the new Apple phone has had a very promising debut. The iPhone 5C , low-cost model that uses the technology of iPhone 5 and adds a range of colors, has had lower sales than expected, so the company has reduced production. Yet apparently the unfulfilled expectations of the iPhone 5C were compensated by the iPhone 5S . 

According to Yahoo Finance reports citing data from NPD, the company has decreased 5C iPhone production by 35% but has increased 75% 5S. Analysts attributed the low sales of the iPhone 5C to its high price, of 599 euros released in the European case. According to these, the market expected the iPhone 5C was truly a low-cost mobile as the rumors, not a performance model slightly lower than the 5S and slightly lower price. The same analysts expect Apple to lower the price of the device to provide a commercial outlet.Earlier this Tuesday, October 22, Apple held a new conference where players are expected to be their tablets iPad and iPad Mini, with a whirlwind of rumors about them. It is also expected to announce new MacBook.

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