Apple ready for 128-GB iPad

New rumors suggest that the device will be part of the current fourth generation with retina display and e stará available in white and black with a WiFi version.

Apple, ready for 128-GB iPad?

Apple may be about to launch a new model of iPad to 128 GB, as recorded . These are just rumors, but the theory of alleged references to devices with this capability found in the code of the next beta version of iOS 6.1, which have also been found in the latest iTunes 11.

All heard so far is that this model will be part of the current fourth generation of iPads (16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB) with retina display. ‘ll be available in black and white and there will be a version with WiFi and one with WiFi connection and telephone, which will be distributed in packs of ten for schools.

One of the arguments made by proponents of this theory is a fact allegedly leaked by a U.S. distributor: a table of numbers for Apple products including four hitherto unknown, which could correspond to the new iPad.

These reference numbers containing P101 and P103 nomenclature, which Apple uses for their models with free WiFi and WiFi connection and telephone, respectively, as well as the word “Ultimate”, which would be a reference to the ability of the new device, and that currently coexist Good models (16 GB), Better (32 GB) and Best (64 GB).

Still not circulate any rumor that Apple is going to create a mini version of the iPad. He speculates that, as it has done before, Apple launched the new iPad only to government institutions or for internal use. Also considers it possible that this model includes some other feature yet unknown.

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