Apple prepares for 50,000 million downloads

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Apple has launched its counter app downloads: Now it is reaching the symbolic figure of 50,000 million. The mythical figure of 25,000 was reached in less than five years since the App Store was open a July 10, 2008. In this new landmark will arrive 14 months later. On the website of the company in the United States and you can find the counter unstoppable.



The figures are as thrilling as your accountant. The barrier cost billion nearly a year to reach. The winner was Connor Mulcahey, a boy of 13.Since its early years has been progressive acleración thanks to higher sales of its smartphones, as the barrier of 10,000 million was reached in January 2011 and the 25,000 million March 3, 2012. Now it has doubled the number of downloads in just 14 months.

Apple rewarded with $ 10,000 (to spend on their own products) to the person that matches the number of discharge, plus $ 500 consolation to the next 50. As one would expect, the prize of 25 billion came from China.Chunli Fu was the clerk, who from his home in Qingdao had to travel to Beijing to collect the prize. Now, again, the Chinese are more likely than anyone else to be the winners.

Since the birth of the store, a year after the iPhone, the daily average is 18.7 million downloads per day, 550 million per month, but the figure is misleading, since in recent months, with increasing sales of iOS devices, both mobile and tablets, and increased applications (about 850,000) is expected to the magic figure of 50,000 million is reached mid-month.

On Friday, the rate was 52,000 downloads per minute, 74,880 million a day, so that the barrier of 50,000 million downloads, to continue at the same rate, it will reach European early Monday, May 13.

The Apple App Store is still the great success of the company, as one of the few products or services which maintains the lead by number of downloads, by number of applications that are in it and the sales. If elsewhere the Android ecosystem has passed, for now with the store can not. Google Play still raises nearly a third party App Store, although the differences are narrowing at a slower rate than sales of both devices system.

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