Apple Photos – the successor of iPhoto

Development on iPhoto, the Apple Inc. photo library, and Aperture, the company’s professional photo editing suite, was ended last year. The company promised to develop a completely new product which would integrate with the cloud.The new version of Mac OS X 10.10.3 for developers includes a first beta Photos, which is preparing to take over from iPhoto into processing and organizing images in the universe Apple .

The final version and the public will be available in spring 2015.

Photos will offer a multitude of new adjustment tools to edit the images, adjusting the histogram to noise reduction, the management of the lights to the white balance. A number of filters should also be proposed, in the wake of what already offer Instagram, Twitter and others. Most users will notice an improvement over the old iPhoto program, but those who made use of Aperture’s powerful editing and organisational suite may find Photos lacking in that department.

The application also integrates seamlessly iCloud Photo Library, for backup and sharing his photos on all of its devices Apple (Mac, iPad, iPhone). In fact, all changes and pictures rankings are taken into account simultaneously by all terminals. Photos will continue to organize images chronologically or by location. It will also be possible to create books, cards and calendars from all those photos. Sharing menu will allow just any post on Facebook or Twitter.

According to resources, Photos will link closely with the iCloud Photo Library, as promised. The photo backup service allows users to store their first 5GB of photos for free, with a sliding pricing scale beyond that point depending on the amount of storage required.

Photos will therefore succeed iPhoto, but will also have to overcome the shutdown of Aperture, the image editing solution for Apple professionals.

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