Apple patents glasses similar to Google’s Glass Project

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Outline of Patent augmented reality goggles by Apple

The company founded by Steve Jobs is one of the most prolific as far aspatenting is concerned. It is therefore not too surprising that a document submitted to the authorities that projects a similar spectacle to which Google has recently shown . The invention focuses on the peripheral of the image processing for displays operating in the head.

Apple has shown its patent by some schemes and a brief textual description. Thus the company ensures its own technique to project an image in the eyes of a user through screens very close.

The LCD displays do not project an image that fills the user’s peripheral vision. Apple’s invention aims to change this, preventing to display a panel with images floating in the air, instead of a full visual experience .

This is the main difference with Google Goggles. The user would get a total immersion in what is projected on the screen, not a scaled image and adapted to the proximity of the eye, framed in a frame.

“A first display projects an image visible to the user’s eye first. A first light element is positioned to emit light of one or more colors in the vicinity of the periphery of the first screen “and part of the mechanism described Apple.

The display receives an order to project a certain image and from there it sends information to the elements that should shape the peripheral vision. The system would allow both eyes see the same thing .

The Glass Project Google ignores peripheral vision . This is an Android device and it also projects an image directly into the eyes. The product is not yet complete or has been the solvent, although the price has been rumored to be between 250 and 600 dollars.

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