Apple patents a photometer for IOS 5 based on facial recognition

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Apple has patented a new system to dynamically configure the exposure parameters of the camera of their mobile devices through a facial recognition system.Thus, when the user wants to take a picture or record a video to a person who is placed on a background too bright, facial recognition technology detects the subject’s face and avoid any situation of overexposure.

   Nobody likes to take pictures and then find the bottom, illuminated by the sun has hidden his face from the person who is portrayed. For this reason, Apple just registered the patent of facial recognition technology that detects faces in the scene and adjusts camera exposure to provide adequate lighting, even if someone moves in the last minute.

    For group photos, the Apple software measures the proximity of the face and other factors that distinguish the subject of a photo of the other persons who appear in the image. For example, when someone is placed standing in front of a group of people. The technique has been patented for Apple devices with IOS operating system 5, as the iPhone or the new iPhone 4S.

   According to the Cupertino company argued in the text submitted to the Patent and Trademark Office U.S., many electronic devices are equipped with digital cameras capable of performing diverse functions. However, the digital image sensor which includes most of these devices is smaller than that of digital cameras.

   Aware that no mobile device can offer the same possibilities as a professional camera, Apple bid to increase the image quality of their devices to provide answers to a wide variety of lighting situations, without the user having to intervene to prevent them.

   Apple says the photometer and the technology used for face detection can be included in any mobile device that incorporates a digital camera, digital video camera or mobile phone to the laptop, the ‘tablet’ or PDA.

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