Apple patents a charger which generates a charge wireless field

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Apple has been granted a new patent that goes beyond mere wireless charging . It is a system that generates a space or virtual area where all devices that are within it would charge its batteries, which not only affect the iPhone or iPads , but that would mean the end of power cables for iMacs.

It seems almost science fiction but the latest Apple patent would end the problems of charge or change the battery of keyboards or mice. Furthermore, just keep in the same space a iPad or iPhone also begin to recharge your battery without having to connect to any charger socket.

A “virtual wireless recharge area”
The latest patent describes the Cupertino company has a system called “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment”.

Simplifying the whole technical explanation and give an approximation of what could be a final product, which Apple is considering the creation of a magazine, it would be the only thing connected to the power supply, wireless would create an area in the compatible devices that could charge their batteries. This is what is called in the patent “virtual charging area” , a wireless charging space without using panels, bases or surfaces prepared for induction charging or the like.

A new use for NFC
wireless technology proposed to be used is known NFC , it seems that in addition to transmit data between terminals nearby, could be the next standard for transmitting power. According to Apple, the charger would work similarly to the devices that make other companies manufacturing wireless keyboards or mice.

Goodbye Wires current is it possible?
And, while it appears that this system is designed to get rid of the only cable that already have some Apple products like iMacs, opens a field of possibilities rather interesting thinking keyboards and mice no need to load or simply never have the iPhone in your pocket you start charging for it being close virtual recharge area.

The question is it able to charge large batteries such as laptops or tablets in a reasonable time?
any case, the only question is whether we still have such a system would be feasible to load in a reasonable time and a battery of a laptop, but a tablet or smartphone and, of course, could be harmful to your health radiation?.

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