Apple patent records new protective cover for iPad with flexible screen

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With power and data connection of the tablet, the screen could show the Smart Cover notifications from applications or extra display icons

Apple filed a patent for a new type of protective cover for iPad, called Smart Cover, but with a small built-in screen. According to a document released by the Trademark Office and U.S. patents (USPTO, in its English acronym), a flexible display would replace the first segment of the Smart Cover, the side closest to it is attached to the unit.




Display of Smart Cover shows new flexible screen



The new accessory keep the screen was turned on only while connected to the tablet, since it would pull the power and data displayed on the handset screen. According to Sources , the new screen would show notifications and display icons for extra applications.

Some images available in the document also suggests that the new cover model is also used as flexible keyboard, similar to that proposed by Microsoft with the tablets of the line Surface.Another possibility, according to the site, would be to use the cover as a surface for drawing.

Although the patent is shown only now, according to the USPTO, Apple registered the application for registration of technology a year ago. As with any patent, there is no guarantee that the new skin will become a commercial product ever.

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