Apple obligation to compensate the company VirnetX $ 368 million dollars for patent infringement

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The court in Texas issued a decision that the corporation has to pay Apple $ 368 million in favor of VirnetX. Apple giant caught in that the plaintiff took the patented design to create its video service FaceTime. However, Apple lawyers managed to halve the amount of compensation, which originally stood at $ 700 million.

The Federal Court of Texas on behalf of the jury will meet in another final meeting in a few weeks. Apple representatives have so far refrained from any comments on the results of the proceedings.

According to lawyers VirnetX, technology, the “stolen» Apple, originally developed by SAIC on request CIA.  SAIC employees later established corporation VirnetX, which is a patented them. But as claimed by independent experts, VirnetX, which for many was referred to as a “patent troll” is impressive firm specializing in the fight for patent infringement. The company started a legal battle with representatives of the computer industry, such as Cisco Systems, as well as other software vendors. Two years ago, “troll” even managed to snatch a large sum, to sue such a giant like Microsoft $ 200 million.

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