Apple, Microsoft and Google, together to buy patents Kodak

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Patents former photography giant Eastman Kodak Co. have achieved the unthinkable, an unlikely alliance between Apple, Microsoft and Google in the search for a good price to take over Kodak’s intellectual property litigation and neutralize potential violations.

As you know, Kodak filed for bankruptcy to reorganize the business and revive the company in 2013 by selling intellectual property including patents 1100 related to the image that can be crucial for use in devices such as cameras or smartphones.

Kodak accounted for $ 2,600 million, bids have so far been well below expectations and if the American company expected fight between the big technology to achieve them, we seem to be so .

The partnership includes two groups so far apart with Apple, Google, Microsoft, LG, Samsung and others, in the pursuit of several objectives: good price, not to fall into the undesirable patent troll and a group-wide protection against future demands.

Good for business after Paxton paid for Nortel patents (4,500 million dollars) and that surely has served notice to mariners.

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