Apple meets in China with the country’s telephone supplier

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The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, China has met with executives of the big three mobile operators in the country, in a visit that comes after allegations that one of the U.S. firm providers violates the rights of workers in Chinese factories. This is the second scandal reveals suppliers related to the signing of the block in China, after the case of Foxconn, one of Apple’s main contractors in China, accused of violating the rights of their workers and even acknowledged have employed 500 minors. According to a spokeswoman confirmed to Efe China Mobile, Cook met Tuesday with President of the firm, Xi Guohua, the largest operator of the Asian giant and the world, and the only one still does not sell the iPhone in China, although the purpose of the meeting was not revealed.

Apple meets China

Apple meets China

In addition to China Mobile, Cook also found these days with representatives of the other two Chinese phone, China Unicom and China Telecom, as confirmed by the local press. Cook’s visit this week to China occurs also after the results were known Apple’s third quarter, which saw a slump in revenue in China by 43 percent from April to June, hence its China trip is seen as an attempt to boost demand for its products. Apple’s problems in China, a key market for the technology giant, continue to multiply, complaints from Chinese users angered by the delayed arrival of new products to China or the lack of “news” in their products, suppliers to scandals. China Labor Watch said Monday have found multiple violations of the rights of workers in several factories of the Taiwanese company Pegatron, technology giant contractor in this country. Among them, he said, is discrimination in making contracts, violation of the rights of women, youth employment provisions, insufficient wages or poor health and safety. Conditions, the organization said, “worse” than those disclosed in Foxconn plants, the first provider mired in scandals like this. Following the report by China Labor Watch, the Californian company said in a statement that he was unaware of the situation and will investigate “immediately”. The “audit teams” Apple will go to those three factories for “special inspections this week” and “if found to be underpaid workers or who have been denied overtime compensation, Pegatron will compel them to repaid in full, “said the document. The signing of Tim Cook said that since 2007 has completed 15 audits in the factories of the Taiwanese company, including surprise visits to the centers mentioned in this report, adding that “not tolerate deviations” of its code of conduct.

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