Apple may stop using the Home button

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One of the hallmarks of all models of the iPhone’s Home button – which is the one that sits just below the screen of the device and redirects you to the main screen of your device. Despite this, Apple may stop using it in their smartphones in the very near future.

Apple-Home Button

Apple-Home Button

The patent office of the United States reported that the company Apple patented a new type of technology. According to information released by the site BGR, the patent relates to a system that enables the device according to the pressure exerted on it – as if you unblock the phone just squeezing it, for example.

It is very likely that this method causes that Apple cease using the Home button on their smartphones, but this change was not confirmed – as well as any that may arise from this technology. In addition, the company should use the new in the new generations of all devices, as MacBooks and future iWatch .


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