Apple may introduce two iPhone during 2013 (rumors)

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We are about to end the week and the rumors of Apple still prowling the Internet, playing again into the possibility that a new iPhone is released this year.

According to what is said in different parts, Apple has plans to present the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 in 2013, a few months apart.

On site CNET has begun to report that Apple plans to launch a revamped version of the iPhone 5, as was done in time to launch the iPhone 4 to 4S model on sale. According to reports, the iPhone 4S will have an A7 processor and a fingerprint sensor.

With respect to iPhone 6, as has been said before, will have a large 5-inch screen and probably a different distribution of components, and have presented different pictures with the alleged design of iPhone 6, but to date no know anything about technical specifications or anything like that.

Some of the alleged photos showing how it could look the new smartphone from Apple, is the design of iPhone 6 Ciccarese Designs that showed a modern and innovative proposal of the alleged new release of the company’s apple bite.

We know it’s quite shocking to talk about something that has not been confirmed by any official source, but is popular in many countries of the saying “where there’s smoke there is fire” and if we consider that Apple usually take a year to launch updates of its products, the belief of a new iPhone can not be entirely wrong, right?

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