Apple may introduce the iPad mini Oct. 23

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  • Bloomberg news agency says that the technology giant will debut its new product within eleven days.
  • This is a new version of its popular tablet, the iPad, which will be smaller and cheaper.

Apple could have chosen the October 23 to present to the world their new product: the iPad mini.

The market has been rumored for several weeks with the date on which the giant apple bite give you the details and display the new look of your tablet and, according to  Bloomberg , will be within eleven days.

The news comes just one month after the submission of the expected iPhone 5 , the sixth generation of the smartphone world famous.

But it seems that this is only a rumor: the Cupertino company, so far, has not made any official statement.

Experts expect the fourth generation of Apple’s tablet is smaller and cheaper than their predecessors. One strategy already adopted competition (Google, Amazon, Microsoft …)

Specifically, it is expected that the device is 7 inches, the size that is winning and that was never in the plans of Steve Jobs , the Apple founder and ex-captain of the company. For him, the minimum size required was 10 inches.

But everything suggests that consumers do not match that particular taste Jobs. According to the company IHS market research , in 2012 sold more than 40 million 7-inch tablets worldwide, more than double last year.

A very lucrative business that the new captain of the giant Apple, Tim Cook, could not refuse. Especially because it is market leader.

“Since launching the iPad in April 2010, Apple has dominated the tablet business, which has 61% of the market share according to Gartner,” site detailing Bloomberg.

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