Apple makes an order for 10 million units of iPad Mini for Q4

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Apple wanted to properly stock your tablet units of 7.85 inches, which could occur next week.

There will be no fanboy to run out the first iPad 7 inch Christmas. Although Apple has not confirmed the existence of the iPad Mini have done so some providers of apple company. Indeed. Some have confessed to The Wall Street Joutnal the company of Tim Cook have been asked no less than 10 million units of the product to make sure it does not run out of stock in the fourth quarter.

To get an idea of the magnitude of the order, we use Amazon as a reference. This would double the Kindle Fire units ordered by the ecommerce giant for the same interval.

The newspaper also said that this week Apple sent out invitations to the press for the launch event of the new tablet. Thus, it is not unreasonable that this iPad Minimakes its public appearance next week.

Earlier this month already began his keynote rumored that could be on October 17 . It had also noted that some of the leading providers of Cupertino (LG Display and AU Optronics) had begun mass production of the device in September.

If certain information product launch could take four or five months before the usual dates for the introduction of a new generation of iPad (February-March). Now we just know if Apple will also enter the rag with your iPad Mini in the fight for the price war that already have Amazon and Google.

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