Apple lost the rights to the iPhone trademark in Brazil

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Brazilian Patent Office will not allow Apple to use the country’s trademark iPhone, according to Electronista.Brazilian courts have previously passed this mark local electronics manufacturer Gradiente Eletronica SA, which registered it in 1998. She later went bankrupt and was reorganized into a new company, called IGB Eletronica SA.

Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property will publish an official statement on the subject on 13 February.After that, Apple will have the opportunity to appeal the decision in court. In IGB say that Apple has not yet entered into relationship with them on the brand. “We are open to dialogue with anyone, anytime. We are not radicals,” – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IGB Emilio Staub.

Last December, the IGB has launched a family of smartphones in Brazil under the name G Iphone Gradient.According to Macworld Brasil, Neo One model will cost about 302 dollars. This device runs on Android 2.3, it has a touch screen, support for two SIM-cards, 3G-module.

This is not the first time in Latin American countries, the courts side with local companies using the brand Apple. In November last year, one Mexican company obtained the right to use the mark iFone, phonetically identical to the iPhone. Apple appealed the decision, the case remains open.

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