Apple loses lawsuit against Samsung for patent ‘pinch-to-zoom’

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The Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a rejection “final” patent ‘pinch-to-zoom’ Apple . Thus, the Office notes that this patent does not belong to the company on the block and, therefore, dictates that Samsung did not violate Apple patents to use this feature on their mobile devices.

Apple vs Samsung

                        Apple vs Samsung

The cancellation of Apple’s patent by the USPTO leaves open the compensation of $ 1,050 million which Samsung was ordered last summer after a verdict of patent violation.

Apple filed a complaint with the patent office with 21 claims related to the role of ‘click to zoom’. This demand has been rejected as this feature was invented earlier by Daniel W. Hillis and Bran Ferren . According to the documentation provided by Samsung to court in the Northern District of California, claim number eight by Apple is null.

As of now, the company led by Tim Cook has two months to respond to the decision of the USPTO, reports Apple Insider . But since the company say they have no options to appeal the patent lawsuit, so seek judicial review.Apple claims that, despite not being the patent owners as to their origin, they were the first to include this feature on the screens of smartphones.

This is not the first setback suffered by Apple in its battle with Samsung in the patent ‘ pinch-to-zoom ‘ . In October last year, a Dutch court ruled that Samsung had not infringed the patent from Apple. Apple also tried, unsuccessfully, to defend the patent pinch-to-zoom in Britain, against HTC, and in Germany against Samsung and Motorola.

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