Apple loses iPhone exclusivity of the brand in Brazil

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Apple will have to share the trademark ‘iPhone’ in Brazil with local manufacturer Gradient Electronics, to lose the exclusive use of the name of your smartphone , as has ruled the Brazilian regulator .


Solomonic decision of the authorities to end the case ‘iPhone’, starring a Brazilian company that had registered the name since 2000 and sold it a week after the launch of the Apple iPhone 5, her own terminal IPHONE Neo One that for more signs are ruled by Android .

Apple filed a motion asking the Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute unregistering the name expired, something that does not seem to have been estimated and the two brands will have to coexist, unlessthe checkout Apple as the company seems to want local Brazilian.

It is not the first time Apple has problems with the name of their best selling mobility as iPhone or iOS were originally marks of Cisco and iPad was registered in China. At present (and after paying in the two previous cases) Apple has problems in Mexico since a court has decided in favor of the company iphone SA for use of brand and marketing of telecommunications services.

The Mexican telecommunications company iphone provides software services for more than 10,000 call center positions and is fighting for the use of its trademark (registered in 2003) against Apple and use of the mark in Mexico smartphone of Cupertino. If he wins finally might demand compensation that exceed 40 percent of iPhone sales services in Mexico .

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