Apple lifts veto Torrent managers iOS on the App Store

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So far Apple maintained a strict policy of rejection, similar to avoiding any erotic content, any application that smacked of P2P in its App Store, and especially against BitTorrent. It seems that in recent times has been relaxed and you are two related applications such discharges have been accepted.

Apple has rejected dozens of applications related to BitTorrent downloads relying on this type of software, in words of the Cupertino, “is often used for the purpose of infringing the rights of others.”

raises his hand to remote managers BitTorrent
But the California company is changing, and it seems like a lot, since Tim Cook’s tenure. Without going if it is for better or worse, it seems that the tight controls of the App Store have relaxed a bit and last week the app Conttrol was accepted and may download and install it on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This allows the users uTorrent manager, interact with your desktop client through the web user interface to start, stop, add or delete any files torrent.

While it is true that you can not download anything and only serves smartphone as a remote control of a computer program, and two, with Transmission RPC that does the same with this other manager Torrent, which have passed the filter Apple.

Compatible with uTorrent and Vuze, and developing the native iPad
“Currently the application supports connections to uTorrent and Vuze clients but also future plans to support the connection with Transmission for Mac as well as the planned development of a native iPad version “says Craig Donnelly, Conttrol developer adds” we all know there is a stigma associated with the BitTorrent protocol and is strongly associated with piracy. But I think this attitude has changed in recent years, and will change even more in the future. “

UTorrent BitTorrent client launched its Android and might think the jump to iOS
recently that the company BitTorrent Inc. launched its uTorrent client for Android. Asked by the website TorrentFreak , indicate no concrete plans for the iOS platform but who knows if seeing the change in attitude of Apple rush to develop the namesake for iPhone and iPad.

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