Apple launches the fake boots change after the death of a Chinese Girl

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Apple has announced an exchange program or false chargers for original third after confirming that the death of a young Chinese girl electrocuted was the product of a charger malfunction pirate.

iPhone Charger

iPhone Charger

From the August 16 people with unofficial charged may change by one certified by Apple for $ 10 or the equivalent of this price in the country.

Last month, Apple began investigating reports that a woman in China had been electrocuted to death when he used an iPhone 5 that was charging. As reported by the media “South China Morning Post” , Ma Ailun girl aged 23 was using a iPhone 4 charger unauthorized.

“Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit adapters and third are not designed properly and could lead to security problems , “Apple said in a blog.

“While not all third-party adapters have a problem, we are announcing a program of collection USB adapter so customers can purchase adapters properly designed, “said the company.

People should bring along unwanted chargers your device, either an iPod, iPad or iPhone to the Apple Store or authorized Apple Store. The serial number of the devices will be checked before making the change.The program is valid until October 18.

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