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Apple acquired one in the “Creative Consulting” company operating from San Francisco. Particle implemented with HTML5 web apps for marketing purposes. Founded in 2008, the company received initial funding by pop star Justin Timberlake.

Sources informed that the purchase of did not specify a price. Well known is that Particle has worked for Apple, but also for Amazon, Google, Motorola, Sony and Yahoo. His projects also include laboratory that helps make asynchronous video.

The takeover was already last month over the stage, but was not known until now. Not all of the staff – in any case not more than a dozen – but switched to Apple. In addition to a “User Interface Engineer”, according to their LinkedIn profiles were several “Creative Technologists” to Cupertino.

Several Particle employees have worked at Yahoo – and there in the user interface area. The founder and Chief Technology Officer Aubry Anderson was , according to his profile from 2006 to 2008 consultant for Apple.

Apple uses HTML5 particularly on its product pages, with iAd ads and iCloud, its only real web app. In its Safari browser but it has long been placed value on the next web standard.

Apple keeps takeovers as secret as possible, if it is not a listed company and committed to a message. Which in February bought Chomp it has become just as closed as the estimated $ 400 million for acquired flash storage specialist Anobit .

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