Apple is waiting for a new war of patents: now for the authorship of the idea of ​​wireless charging gadgets

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Following Samsung second front in Apple patent war could open the Alliance For Wireless Power («Alliance for wireless energy”). This organization was established already, after November 10, 2010 Apple filed a patent application.

However, the technology is very similar to the one that is trying to “stake out” corporation named Steve Jobs, back in 2008, the company came up with WiPower. It is on this development based standard, which is developing the projects Alliance For Wireless Power. Now lawyers alliance ready to sue Apple, says The Register, which keeps track of all patent cases in the world.

Most interesting is that WiPower was purchased in advance by a Chinese company Qualcomm, a major partner of Apple. And while Qualcomm, as Samsung – members of this alliance. That is, “Yabloko” can get hit in the stomach with the rear?

Besides the “Alliance for wireless energy”, there is the Consortium for Wireless Power («Consortium for wireless energy.) The Consortium also can be types of wireless technology Apple. For example, to protect its member company Alticor. Its development has enabled Amway to develop wireless (and non-contact) water filters. They say that there are notions of Alticor and wireless charging gadgets. In general, Apple had been good contact with another potential plaintiff and pre-negotiate a possible conflict.

Charged without connecting wires can already, and other gadgets. For example, Nokia Lumia 920. On their part the patent claims against Apple is also quite possible.

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