Apple iPhone sold nine million less in the third quarter

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Was coming. Some reports prior to the issuance of the results of the California Apple for the second quarter and predicted a possible adverse effect on the expectation that was causing the imminent arrival of the iPhone 5That’s one of the reasons that have been advanced to explain the reasons why the company recorded a decline of nine million units in sales of any of its mobile phones from the iPhone range.

Although between April and June signed a turnover of more than remarkable, and indeed over the same period last year, the number of terminals that the company was sold 26 million units, compared to 35 million devices sold in the first quarter.

The economic cycle and the presence of an increasingly competitive tissue quarreled among firms that sell smart phones looking brand edit Killer iPhone are among the reasons that also managed to give explanation to the brake has been demonstrated in the last quarter.

iPhone 4S

However, unintentional self-sabotage would seem largely to blame. Apple insists on holding a tight policy as far as releases are concerned, and the expectation that would have caused the release of the sixth generation of smartphones the company would have contributed greatly measure to fend off many users, in order to renew your terminal, have opted to wait for the iPhone 5.

It is risky, however, throwing the full weight of responsibility for this interpretation. Although there has been a decline in sales , the reality is that revenue from Apple have been significantly increased, registering an input of more than 7.2 billion euros , which represents an improvement in the records of 22 percentover what came into the coffers of the block between January and March . However, between economic forecasting firm that held the course record these results in their accounts to fifteen percent P0R less than they had planned.

iPhone 4S

However, the chain of leaks, rumors and informal confirmations from the media who claim to have had direct contact with involved in the production of the iPhone 5 does not help to take flight in this regard. The idea that the next phone company is present, as has been raising between August and October , held in suspense for those who want to renew their mobile -whether current users of iPhone , other platforms or customers willing to make the leap from the input terminals to the category smartphone -.

The latest betting, it has been postulated that the iPhone 5 could be released on August 7, 21 September or early October , the anniversary meeting of the iPhone 4S -. Nevertheless, as we say, no evidence that demonstrate clearly when Apple had decided to lift the curtain on its new iPhone 5.

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