Apple iPad works on a dual-screen

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Apple may be able to ship a case for your iPhone a bit special.As suggested by a patent filed in the Patent and Trademark Office U.S., the Cupertino have in mind a cover type Smart Cover would include at the bottom a keyboard with support for other accessories and magsafe connector.

Although the display of the tablets is usually large enough to accommodate a large virtual keyboard, the touch of an additional keyboard, usually physical, pushing many homeowners purchasing a separate keyboard offering better ergonomics. At the same time, this type of accessories allow you to place the tablet in a more comfortable position, usually at an angle approximately 45 degrees.


Case + Keyboard

Already there are attachments for this style, but the fact that Apple itself is considering shows us how important it is a wireless peripherals such as keyboard to the complete satisfaction of the user. However, Apple can expect a much more studied, as shown by some of the images accompanying the patent application, as approved by the U.S. government agency. Differences in the California proposal regarding options available today focus primarily on functionality and the merger of Case and keyboard.


Additional Features

The case would be the Smart Cover, which binds to the Apple tablet with magnets. However, as seen in the catches, the sheath inserted in the bottom of the cover keyboard. The connection may be conducted via Bluetooth, but no evidence to think of a physical connection to the style of the Macbook Magsafe. Among the exclusive features of this system would be a series of specific keys that would be pre programmed to run applications. You may also have support for other accessories such as a stylus, so that further increase the usefulness of the Smart Cover with integrated keyboard. We do not know is whether it would be a virtual keyboard and not something like accessory that will have available the tablets from Microsoft, the surfcase.


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