Apple in patent dispute with VirnetX must pay $ 368 million

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A Texas court has in the patent dispute between Apple and decided VirnetX against the iPhone maker. Charged with the violation of the right of network protection VernetX ‘Apple now has $ 368.2 million damages, as Bloomberg reports via TwitterVirnetX had originally demanded $ 900 million, which the jury was but obviously excessive.

The question is U.S. patent number 8,051,181 was requested in February 2007 and awarded to the company in November 2011. It describes a method for establishing a secure communications link between computers over a virtual private network (VPN). VirnetX Apple had in the course of the trial accused of “unfair business practices”. The iPhone maker is said to have used the patented technology without paying royalties for products like its video chat service FaceTime.

VirnetX is known for leading technology companies to sue for patent infringement. In its early days, the company has secured a number of rights for VPNs over the Internet, before virtually the entire industry jumped on the train. A lawsuit against Microsoft ended in 2010 with a comparison that VirnetX earned $ 200 million. Similar complaints against it currently leads Avaya, Cisco and other large companies.

With a first patent suit against Apple VirnetX had failed 2011 due to a technicality. Last month, announced the International Trade Commission (ITC), however, take steps at the request of VirnetX further investigation against Apple. Because of the violation of its VPN patents VirnetX calls an import ban on Apple products in the United States. It is thought to be likely that the parties will agree to a settlement on royalty payments. The case has yet to be handed over to an administrative judge. Through a process is not expected before mid-to late 2013.

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