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Despite phlegm rigor, it is in a state of near emergency that Apple releases first update to Mac OS X Lion Mountain.Improvements scrapped, the Cupertino company has been working to reduce the number of bugs that have aroused the ire of thousands of users.With 3 million downloads during the 4 days of theprovision, July 25 on the App Store, Mountain Lion, in its initial version, seemed to seduce his audience itself as ” the version of OS X most popular in its history “, in the opinion of Apple.

But upsets galore were not slow to tarnish these encouraging start.The upgrade system has led to a sudden instability Wi-Fi, including laptops, with cuts random connection.In addition, various accounts have reported a sharp fall in the range of about 20% observed on all MacBook series.In version 10.8.1, Mac OS X Lion Mountain seems to bypass these inconveniences, which are also not on the official list of patches.

An inadvertent omission? Still, Apple focuses on the best support for Microsoft Exchange in the Mail application or the consolidation of data migration wizard.Similarly, concerns are resolved connection to Samba servers with extended names and audio playback problems on monitors connected Thunderbolt.Exit also bug that affected iMessages in IM conversations. Finally, the errors of the system when entering pinyin (phonetic Mandarin Chinese) are just a bad memory.

For the first time, the update can be performed from the App Store. But there is a standalone installer.Depending on the computer, the file weighs 7 and 37 MB Please note that the upgrade disables the TRIM command to the SSD. A wake for users.

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