Apple gets Samsung Galaxy ban some products in the Netherlands

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Apple has managed to ban the sale of certain products of the Galaxy family of Samsung . A Dutch court has banned the sale of products that infringe Apple patents related to the way they navigate through a gallery of images using a touchscreen.

The ban applies to products that run on Android Galaxy 2.2.1 to Android 2.3.7 do not use the new software photogallery Own Samsung, said a court in The Hague on Wednesday, which also explained that the Galaxy products Android 3.0 and later that violate the patent.

Apple patented the way to move beyond the edge of the image to zoom and see a glimpse of the next in a series of images, after which the picture seems to bounce off the image. And this is the technique that has been used in Samsung products now banned. Currently, a new software image gallery owner has replaced the old one and replace the rebound by a blue flash that illuminates the edge of the image.

Samsung has already lost a case involving the same patent in the Netherlands last year after preliminary procedures, which led to a ban on sale of Galaxu S, SII and Ace. After that verdict, Samsung adjusted its gallery software and stopped the delivery of products that violated the patent until August 2011.

Since then the South Korean company says it is using its own technology in all products sold in the Netherlands.However, no change has provided evidence to the court, which has angered the judges.

Moreover, the judge has ordered Samsung to tell Apple what has been the net profit out of the sale of Galaxy products banned from the June 27, 2011 to that in a different procedure, it is determined how much of this benefit will pay Samsung to Apple.

Also, if you continue to violate the patent Smasung have to pay a fine of $ 129,000 to Apple each day ban, the court said.

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