Apple fined for failing to offer 2 years warranty

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It seems that Apple is not just legal problems. Yesterday ended up paying 60 million dollars to market the iPhone in China and now faces a new fine Italian government not to give 2 year warranty on its products as the brand law in this country.

It seems that Apple can not forget the courts. If yesterday was ended its dispute with Proview, pulling 60 million check to use the iPhone trademark in China, today received a lawsuit, this time of the Italian competition authority, as it violates the laws of the period free warranty in the country.

It is the first fine, nor the last
this tug of war between the government and the Cupertino trans is not new. There are several warnings that the Italian authorities have made to the California company to enforce the law on product warranty in force in Italy. It specifies that you must provide a minimum of 2 years free warranty from manufacturer to consumer electronics and other durable goods, regardless of the period that the store or distributor offers additionally.

Apple pays, but does not change
the authority and market competition (AGCM) of the country and won 900,000 euros in fines to Apple as punishment for maintaining a support service payment and not informing consumers of their right to assistance free.

He now faces another possible fine of 300,000 euros by the issue of security. AGCM, the information collected by Reuters, claims that the information provided by Apple on the additional security encouraged consumers to buy the service intentionally ignoring that the company is obliged to offer two years of free coverage.

Apple will appeal, but is likely to again lose
Both of quantity seems to be small change for the Cupertino because its policy has not changed one iota in which offers one year free warranty extension for another two, Apple Care, upon payment of a fee. Apple now has 30 days to appeal to the Italian court, as it did on the previous occasion, but as at that time, the company is likely to be fined again.

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