Apple dock connector can update all devices iOS

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The smaller connector, which supposedly will be the iPhone 5 , should become the new standard of Apple . According to the site iMore , the U.S. company intends to upgrade its entire line of devices iOS and toss them with the dock connector of the new generation. The expectation is that this year, Apple will make the presentation not only the iPhone 5, as well as new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, rumored iPad Mini , and even a redesigned version of the iPad 9.7 inches.

Dock the next input devices Apple will be reduced 

All new appliances come with 19-pin connector, breaking with the standard 30-pin, used for nine years in the company’s mobile devices. The reduction of inputs makes the Apple move to have more freedom in the design of the lower parts of gadgets .

The change in the dock connector will also allow the company to use larger batteries, more powerful hardware, and enables the relocation of some items, as the input for headphones, for example. However, the novelty may not be well accepted by some users.

This change should prevent new devices are compatible with old accessories, such as players, memory cards, docking stations and speakers – all designed for the old standard 30-pin. Unless Apple launch some kind of adapter – which is very likely to happen – this issue promises to cause controversy, since users probably can not reuse your old gadgets.

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